When I was younger and still a student, I often thought about how my future workplace would be like. One important criteria was that to be able to do my work, I needed to travel for some reason… And yes, sometimes I took this thought a little bit too long and imagined myself travelling to cities like New York, London, Berlin or why not the south of Europe so I could get some tanning in between the meetings. I remember that every time someone told me that their work required them to visit offices, partners, owners or other stakeholders around the globe, I just thought that it must be so interesting to meet different people, experience other cultures and visit new places. I never thought there could be any downsides. So the answer to the question if travelling for work is hot or not, was of course hot! right?


I work at Espresso House, the biggest coffee chain in the Nordics. Espresso House is a great place to work. And for the first time in my working life I’m traveling on a regular basis to visit all my colleagues in different regions and across the Nordic countries. This week I’m actually on a road trip visiting all our regions presenting to our teams about how we work with loyalty in digital channels, which is a lot of fun!

However, I have finally come to realize that I get very tired from all the traveling. Especially when it includes an early morning flight. Once getting there I have my minutes of fame presenting and then I just jump on the next plane or train to go to the next stop. Even though I only talk for less than an hour my body and mind is tired as….what can you say? Like a panda? Hehe I am terrible at idioms.

It is hard to understand why it takes so much energy sitting on an airplane, but it simply does? Have you ever experienced the same? Maybe I unconsciously stopped listening when friends and family talked about the negative part of travelling for work, or at least I didn’t listen very intently, some things you simply have to experience yourself to believe. I still like travelling for work, it is exciting experiencing different places and getting challenged by unfamiliar territory but I’m really surprised by the fact that I getting so tired. Perhaps I’ll get used to it, but I doubt it.

Hope you are having a great week, my road trip continuous, next stop Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city!