business meeting

If someone invites you to a lunch meeting and then don’t offer any food, then that someone, is evil. When I’m hungry I need food right away, I lose my focus, I get nauseous, my mind goes blank and I turn all sweaty… you name it. In addition to that, my stomach starts making loud noises, like it is screaming out for food; Mathyyyy give me something, pleaseeeeee! So, I don’t have any choice, I need to get a fruit from the fruit basket standing on the middle of the table. It is always a little bit too far away, I need pull out my chair, and stretch over my colleague to reach, every time it’s the same story… and everyone will obviously understand that it is my stomach that is making noises. But once I get there, which fruit should I choose to eat in front of everyone in the middle of a business meeting?


This week we celebrated my mum’s birthday. We were only the closest family, mom and Erik, my brothers and their girlfriends Erika and Carro, me and Jacob. During dinner, we had such a great time discussing anything under the sun. However, there was one discussion in particular that caught my attention. I can’t remember why but my oldest brother Gustaf brought up the discussion; what fruit do you choose when you are hungry in a meeting? A fresh green apple makes the loudest crunch noises when eating, so it feels like everyone is looking at you instead of being focused on the meeting. And then you just sit there, with the apple in your hand and feel stupid. Then you might think; why not take a banana instead? Well, I think a lot of you can understand why I feel taking that first bite while having eye contact with someone in the room is… lets say uncomfortable.

But then Carro said that she usually just breaks of the top of the banana and eat in pieces… that might actually be really good tip! Inevitably you will get gooey hands though.

Last but not least, any of you going for the orange? For me at least, that is a no go. You get really sticky fingers, and you semi likely to end splashing someone in the eye while chewing. Moreover, you look weird trying to spit out the seeds.

So why is it so common to have fruit in meeting rooms?


My tip is to eat the fruit before the meeting, and then bring some nuts or any other snack that is a little bit more discrete to the actual meeting. At least when I remember it works for me, maybe it will work for you as well! 😉

Have a good one!