Stockholm Marathon 2017

Most of us have experienced getting into a special state of mind, where we forget about all obligations that we have. We forget about work and day-to-day stress. Maybe you have a big presentation coming up or a family situation that puts weight on your shoulders. Then you seek to these places where you could focus on just being you, find your inner self and relax. I experience this mindfulness when I am out running, especially longer runs, which is why I have decided to run Stockholm Marathon again this year.

Who is with me?!


When I’m out running, I feel my pulse go up, I start to sweat and reach a good speed. When I reach my second wind, my pulse start stabilizing, or there is even the sense of it slowing down. The feeling is fantastic, I leave everything behind and focus on just being here and now.

Still however, I need a goal to strive towards in order to get myself out in the track. The goal works like something pulling me out of my relaxed pose on the couch, makes me put on my running shoes, and pushes me out through the front door to go out for another run. Even when my mind is saying that it is to cold outside or that I’m going to get the flu if I go out, that set goal eventually gets me out there. And the Marathon is now the big goal for me.


This year I will try to be much more prepared for the race, which shouldn’t be too hard. Instead of starting a few weeks prior the race, as I did last year, I will start today!

The reasons I signed up for the Marathon are many. I love long runs, to just sweat out all the unnecessary day-to-day stress, and be with my body and myself. The runner’s high is too die for. And the training will make me feel healthy, happy and good about myself. In essence, it is much more about the journey than the goal in itself, that appeals to me. However, I don’t want to hide the fact, that I’m also a very competitive person when it comes to races! When I trained for the marathon last year, I just felt really good. I could actually look forward to that 2-hour morning run on a Sunday. I’m happy though that I have Ebbson (“Ebba”), my brother Gustaf and my cousins Erik and Jonas that will also join the journey towards the goal. And I believe I have Oscar and Marielle with me as well?! They are two really great runners and close friends of mine, who pushed me really hard last year!

I will post regularly about my training during the spring and I hope to inspire other runners as well and that we could share some of these moments together!


Mathy 🙂