The first week of training since I decided to run the Stockholm Marathon has gone by. It is truly amazing how one goal could have such an impact on my training routines. The month before I signed up to the race, I had not completed even one single run. But now not even a week goes by without several work outs… And I am feeling great!


The last couple of weeks I have been thinking about what I could do to improve my training for the 3rd of June Marathon in Stockholm. Last year, my training only contained shorter and longer runs, and I totally missed out on fitness and weight training. This is something that I will definitely add on to my training schedule this year.

As you might know, if you read my previous posts, I am not particularly strong in my arms and legs. And you need a strong core to get stability and have the strength to carry your body. And addition to that, have a good body posture. With this in mind, the 7 minutes work out app – has been a perfect complement to my training. The app contains a pre defined set up of different fitness exercises starting with jumping jacks and ending up with a plank. Each and every exercise is 30 seconds with 10 seconds breaks between the exercises. You don’t need any equipment so you can do it at home or even try to push yourself to do it during vacation. Yet, my friend Ebba challenged me with some Kayla fitness exercises, which I would say was a little bit tougher and you could really feel the change after just a couple of workouts.

So my tip for you, if you also feel that you would like to challenge yourself as a running person, is to do these exercises. So this week training has been all about running a few kilometers (around 5) on the treadmill and then focusing on a few fitness exercises from Kayla. And at least for now it feels like I am improving really quickly!

Have a good one! 🙂