Premier league

It is amazing how your friends and family have such an impact on your personal life, and how you together fill your life with happenings. They inspire you to try new things, they love you no matter what and they help you go in the right direction when feeling lost. But what I like the most is how they actually can change your daily routine and bring new things into it. A couple of years back, I would never believe that…


What I am talking about is Premier League. Every Saturday morning, when still in bed, Jacob and I log into our Fantasy Premier League accounts to do the last check on our teams to verify they are ready for game-time. Just before the last check, I brew my first cup of coffee, make my pre-breakfast, peddle back to our bedroom and crawl back into bed. I actually have a big smile on me in these moments.

This football season is a very exciting one, since Chelsea is in the lead. We won the league two years ago, and then 2016 was a really shaky year for Chelsea. But now we are back again, and it is super exciting! Jacob and I see the Chelsea games together every weekend with some snacks and have a really good time. My brothers still don’t really believe I’m interested. They are still a little bit annoyed when I contribute to any Premier League discussion. Hehe, but it is a little bit fun!

When writing this post I am actually looking at another football game Machester United vs Southampton in one of the domestic cups, who would have ever thought that. Although I have to admit this isn’t as exciting as when Chelsea is playing!