Happy women's day

All the girls, daughters, fiancés, single ladies, mothers, grandmothers and sisters, happy women’s day, yesterday! Women’s day was filled with impressions from different sources and channels. You could read about women’s struggle for our rights in the newspapers and you could be part of demonstrations for women’s right here in Stockholm. Moreover it was a hot topic with friends and family during the day.


After all the impression yesterday I needed some time to consolidate my own thinking on this powerful topic. I have to admit that I sometimes forget about the fact that women don’t always have the same rights as men. I so badly want to think that I together with my female friends and family get the salary we deserve based on our competence and performance no matter our gender.

At the same, I want to have a positive mindset when talking or thinking about equality, especially here in Sweden. Because a positive mindset empowers you and gives you strength that helps you continue your journey towards a more equal society. There is a TED TALK with Amy Cuddy that I really want to recommend to you guys. It is not directly related to this topic. But she might inspire you as she inspired me. Amy is very straightforward and uses the words; fake it till you make it. So basically, if you try hard enough, even though it feels like you are faking it, you will finally make it.


What scares me the most is not the slow journey towards equality in Sweden. After all, in Sweden we have made enormous steps towards equal rights. Many would consider our situation a dream. I am thinking about women in many developing countries. Where they still fight for basic legal protection against violence in their own homes; being married away by their fathers at a young age; and not having the opportunity to educate themselves or take part in the labor market in any meaningful way. That is what scares me the most – just imagine living under those conditions, I hardly can.


Now we need to look forward, we can all help each other to get a little more strength. It doesn’t matter if it is a big or a small initiative. Just reach out to a friend who needs some girl power! #letspowerup

Love from Mathy!