During our honeymoon, me, my husband, and our baby daughter stayed at a boutique hotel in the mountains of Mallorca. It was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had. The service was really friendly; the food was amazing; the garden was full of the most well kept Juniper trees we’ve ever seen; and the whole family slept like babies. Recovering from the stress of arranging a wedding, and adding a new family member, in the span of six months. 

Waking up in the morning, I felt relaxed and rested in a way I hadn’t since before my pregnancy. How was this possible? Well there certainly were extenuating circumstances, but the whole family agreed that the bed sheets probably were the most comfortable that we had ever slept in. Upon our check out from the hotel, we went to Palma city to figure out if we could get the same sheets for our home in Stockholm. It turned out that a set would cost us a small fortune. We ended up saving our money, and not buying the sheets.

The idea of those bed sheets didn’t go away however, and soon thereafter JUNIPER was born. With JUNIPER I wanted to create the highest quality bed sheets imaginable, without making any compromises on sustainability or value chain transparency, and be able to offer them for a price that reflected the craftsmanship and materials used, rather than the logo.

What you experience when you buy our products today, is the result, however constantly evolving with small tweaks and improvements. I believe and sincerely hope you will want to stay in bed all day, and have a sleeping experience like never before.

Best, Mathilda