intervals at the gym

Ebba and I met at the gym after work today. We were both a little bit tired after our long runs yesterday. But we convinced ourselves that if we just get started with the workout, we would feel much stronger!

It is quite cool that you can complete a work out of intervals in so many ways. Different lengths and recovery times bring different benefits. I have to admit that I sometimes feel it is hard to choose which one I will go for. However, last week my friend Andrea, who I work with at Espresso House, introduced me to a really nice combined workout. I told Ebba about it and she was inspired and suggested me to take the lead of today’s training.


We started to run five one-minute intervals with 30-second breaks in between the intervals. We had a low pace in the beginning at 14 km/hour, and then successively increased a little bit for each interval. Part two of the training was ten 30-second intervals with 30-second breaks in between. We had the same strategy here, successively increasing the pace. With this setup, we ran our last interval at 16.5 km/h.

Even though I was exhausted after the work out, we completed a few Kayla exercises, with focus on core and abs 😉

I really recommend this workout, give it a try! 🙂

Good night!


birthday party

This weekend has been the best! Yesterday afternoon my friends came over for some Italian buffet, bubbles and drinks! Afternoon parties are way under appreciated. It is a great time during the day to spend time with friends, and being a little bit miss chivies by drinking bubbles in the afternoon!

My birthday

My birthday-weekend has started out really good! Yesterday, my team at work surprised me with a birthday celebration. It was not a regular celebration with some snacks and drinks. They had arranged a whole chips-buffet for me, since they know that chips are a passion of mine. How cool is that? And instead of wine, I got beer, which you all know is my favourite!


Before having dinner with Jacob we met up with Ebba and a couple of Jacob’s friends at Hillenberg for a drink. From there, we went to Oaxen Krog, where I have never been before. It was an evening beyond my expectations! The service was outstanding. Jacob just dropped a breadcrumb and our waiter was there within 10 seconds to pick it up! The amazing thing was that the environment was not stiff at all, even though Oaxen Krog is one of three restaurants in Sweden with two stars in Guide Michelin. We had 20 courses, paired with wine from all over the world. We actually had a red wine that was one year older than me. Just thinking that the grapes were harvested in 1988. That is pretty cool! All in all, one of the best restaurant experiences in my entire life.

But today is my actual birthday. In an hour or so, I will have some friends over, so I will need to get off the computer soon to start preparing! I’ll keep you posted how my birthday-weekend continues.  🙂

Happy Birthday to me!




Most of you have seen a Walt Disney movie, or a really bad comedy, where one of the main characters shrinks and turn into a small animal like an ant or bee. When I picture this kind of movie in my head right now, it is the father or the kids that goes through this transformation. The underlying purpose of this traumatic event is for them to learn some kind of lesson. However, you know what I think? In real life, people that need to learn a lesson transform into fruit flies.


Some time ago, I started to drink a smoothie for breakfast every morning. Jacob and I always try to make something new, a little morning experiment, mixing in new fruits, juices and spices every time. Our smoothies are the best, really! I am definitely going to share some recipes with you soon!

Anyway, one fruit that we commonly use in our smoothies is banana. And now and then when laying in the sofa, or reading a book in bed I see one single fruit fly in front of me. First thing that comes to mind, is that I realize that I have been too lazy and skipped my morning smoothie for a day or two. But this fruit fly just can’t get enough of me. Even though I flap my hands and scream out load (I don’t know what I am hoping to achieve by screaming). But it always comes back and back and seriously wants to sit on my nose, like that is some sort of helipad? How is that possible? Is it a friend of mine that has done something bad and now seeks my attention? Screaming: Mathy, it’s me! You need to help me!

To me it’s the only reasonable explanation…

Bye for now, hope I don’t turn into a fruit fly!



breakfast with friends

Do you know how I love to start a Tuesday morning? Breakfast with my friends. It is the best way to get an energy boost, so you have the strength to go through the rest of the week.


My awesome friends and I started this Tuesday morning with breakfast at Tiffany’s, oh I mean at Riche. It is quite the globetrotter gang; Toni is in Sweden for a couple of days before flying back to LA. Ampelie lives in Gothenburg but is in Stockholm for the day. And Cammi just got back home from a vacation in Mexico with her boyfriend. It is hard for anyone to find time to hang out with friends during weekdays but if you have friends like these it is almost in possible. Breakfast are however a great opportunity to get together and have some quality time with friends. Even if it is seems tough to get up an hour earlier I can really recommend it. 🙂




My first guest post. Scary. I am Mathilda’s hubby to be, Jacob. I spend quite a lot of time browsing the web and often end up buying stuff ranging from clothes to electronics to outdoor equipment, and most of it online. Once a month I will try to compile a list of the latest stuff I’ve been looking at that I think you should get to your boyfriends, brothers, fathers etc. Prices will vary from almost nothing all the way up to lottery winner type of stuff.

Happy women's day

All the girls, daughters, fiancés, single ladies, mothers, grandmothers and sisters, happy women’s day, yesterday! Women’s day was filled with impressions from different sources and channels. You could read about women’s struggle for our rights in the newspapers and you could be part of demonstrations for women’s right here in Stockholm. Moreover it was a hot topic with friends and family during the day.

I love food

Still living on a high today after managing to train again yesterday. Won’t really go all out on training this week though, want to ensure that my shin splints are truly gone. I really love food. I mean really love. Jacob’s pastas are a favourite. However, tonight it’s my turn in the kitchen, I am not the best of chefs, my family and friends will tell you. I am enjoying the kitchen more and more though and I have improved a lot in the past couple of years, although there is still A LOT to be learned.


Tonight it was time for a classic – Pasta Bolognese a la Tommy Myllyimäki. I went to the shop and got:

  • Grounded chuck steak (högrev)
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • Bacon
  • White non alcoholic cooking wine
  • Tomatoes
  • Fresh cream
  • Fresh thyme
  • Fresh oregano
  • Penne Pasta (not spaghetti because I know Jacob likes penne pasta)

I try to get organic products where possible and when reasonably affordable. Getting home I grabbed a quick shower before getting off to work in the kitchen!

What is your secret ingredient when cooking bolognese?



workout 5k kayla

I was almost a little bit nervous before meeting Ebba at the gym tonight, since I so badly wanted to start running again. Ebba was already there when I entered the gym. And cute as she is, she held the treadmill next to her for me. We decided to run 5 km and then complete a few Kayla exercises. So we just said lets do this and we both put our earplugs in and said good luck!


I am so happy to say that this test run went better than I thought. The good thing was that I didn’t feel any pain in my shins, and I felt semi strong in my body. I am actually not really a fan of running on a treadmill. It is tedious to run in the same place, looking at myself in the mirror getting sweatier and sweatier. However, it was so cold outside today I felt it was a better choice to stay inside.

But one really good tip, if you are like me, not a fan of running at the gym. Make small goals along the journey towards your end goal. So instead of running in the same pace for 5 km, make small changes to pace or inclination as you progress towards you goal, that way you can feel that something is happening!

I hope your week started out as good as mine!


No running

Two weeks have gone by without any running from my side, not even a single run at a slow pace. It has been truly challenging to keep myself from putting on my running shoes and go out for a test run. I have said out load to myself, that maybe there is a small chance that I am ready to start running again. At the same time, my gut feeling is that I need to wait until I have healed properly. Also Jacob and my friend Oscar have emphasized that it is better to wait one or two days extra instead of starting out too early and get the pain back and have to wait even longer.


But I am so happy to say that it feels so much better in my shins. Which is why I will go for a test run with Ebba tomorrow. But if I feel just a slight pain in my shins, I will force myself to stop running and accept that my body needs to rest a little bit longer.

I will let you know tomorrow how it went. Fingers crossed! Have a good Sunday evening guys!


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